Sunday, April 27, 2008

sing as loud as you do

abby's senior show

This weekend was just nuts. Thursday I drove down to Bourbonnais for Abby's art show. It was so good and fun to be at an art show again. It is the thing I really miss a lot from Olivet. I saw lots of old classmates and professors and not to mention, Abby's awesome art of life.

mees' wedding shower

Saturday was Melissa's amazing wedding shower. It was seriously so pretty. Jen and Jess did amazingly. I ate way too much candy and everyone got chocolate all over everything.

bonfield at 7 am

I woke up early this morning in Bonfield and went outside to take some photos of the country. The light was fantastic but I almost got locked out of the house. I was lucky Iris spotted me at the end of the porch before locking the door.

Tomorrow I start a new job. I'm nervous but it'll be a good experience.


j. said...

good luck at the office tomorrow.
don't start any fires.

abby&thejets said...

good luck tomorrow! you'll. be. AWESOME.

Jen S. said...

i can't wait to hear all about the jobby job! and i had mucho fun with you this weekend! i was cracking up when i was reading your captions...if people only knew how much you were not exaggerating about the chocolate on EVERYTHING...haha...

j. said...

hey maggie, do some things so i can read about them and live vicariously through your blog or we can do them together and then i will be doubly rewarded

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