Wednesday, September 24, 2008

the sounds of short A

I definitely owe an explanation for my lack of updates. I very recently moved into the downstairs apartment of some friend's house in Bradley. It is weird being back in Kankakee county, and I hope some good comes from it. I am gonna keep this brief, but here are some photos of where I am living.

dining room
The view from the front door into the dining room.

If you keep going through the doorway on the right, you enter the kitchen (view from backdoor).

living room
If you make a hard left from the front door, you reach the living room with the lovely grandma couch.

A few things have changed since I took these photos but I really did not feel like taking new ones. Maybe later sometime. That's all for now =D

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

bad drawing 2

This is one of the first bad drawings I did. It was when I was first playing around with cartoon faces and couldn't decide what kind of nose I liked. I don't like this nose.

This is somewhat inspired from some old roommates I had who worked at a coffee shop. It was mostly born of scribbling and trying to make things look not so wonky. Didn't work. Haha.
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