Sunday, August 31, 2008

"The air was soft, the stars so fine, the promise of every cobbled alley so great, that I thought I was in a dream."

becca on texture

This is just something I've been playing with lately. I was introduced to textures by my friend Christine and now I am hooked on them.

It's been a pretty lazy Labor Day weekend so far. I am just so thankful for the rest and the break from work!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

it looks like the tide is going home

liz's room

the view from liz's room

Yesterday we went down to Chicago to help my cousin move into the University Center. Her room is huge and the view is just priceless. I hadn't seen my cousin or aunt in probably 8 years so It was interesting to see how we got along. It went pretty well, I'd say. Hopefully we can spend more time with her and help her feel at home here in Illinois.

the berghoff

liz and marla

We ate at the Berghoff which was pretty good. Afterwards we parted ways. We were all really hot and tired.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


cupcake purse

A little something I've been working on. I bought the pattern from Etsy, my most favorite online consignment shop. My first attempt ended up looking like a weird pink acorn but I figured out what I needed to do and the second one worked much better. I plan on making one for pretty much everyone I know ♥.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

bird finds 3

owl pitcher

Last but not least is this fantastic amber colored glass owl pitcher I found at the Lake County antiques and collectables fair a few months ago. I haven't really had a use for it yet but I certainly hope to find one soon.

Hopefully I can find things to post about on a more regular basis now. The dark shadow of work is slowly lifting. I can see the horizon and the end will soon be here. It's not the job I dislike, but the being tired all the time.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

bird finds 2

bird plate

Hooray second day of birds! Normally I wouldn't buy a decorative plate, but the rummage sale (different from the one I got the box from yesterday) had a $5 bag deal so I figured grabbing it couldn't hurt. Church rummage sales are the best.

Well this is a short one. Perhaps more tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

bird finds 1

bird box

I'll be bringing you posts 3 days in a row! Amazing, I know. I've been meaning to post these for a while and i thought I could just post all three in one go, but this is more fun. =D This is the back of an old box I found at a rummage sale a couple months ago. I'm pretty sure someone cut out these wonderful bird drawings and pasted them on the box and I think it's great. I wish I knew what kind of person made and used this box. I can tell the box was well loved during it's lifetime and I'm happy to give it a new home.

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