Thursday, August 14, 2008

bird finds 3

owl pitcher

Last but not least is this fantastic amber colored glass owl pitcher I found at the Lake County antiques and collectables fair a few months ago. I haven't really had a use for it yet but I certainly hope to find one soon.

Hopefully I can find things to post about on a more regular basis now. The dark shadow of work is slowly lifting. I can see the horizon and the end will soon be here. It's not the job I dislike, but the being tired all the time.


Jen S. said...

ooooo....i like it! i'm looking forward to more posts, too! but, i completely understand where you're coming from on the job front.

abby&thejets said...

that is the coolest thing i've ever seen. i love it. LOVE.

j. said...

i'm like a bird, i'll only fly away
love, nelly furtado

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