Tuesday, April 21, 2009

trip to the park


On Saturday my housemates and I had a bunch of people over. We started watching Fight Club but then decided it would be a better idea to take an intermission for a walk to the park before it got dark out.


It got dark fast so we didn't stay long. ^_^

I know I mentioned a project a while ago and I hoped to have launched it by now but I've been so tired from work that i just haven't had time. Baby-steps I guess. Anyhow, what it is, is an Etsy shop through which I sell vintage items. One of my big passions in life is antique and thrift shopping but I never get to buy any of the cool stuff I find. Now I can share my finds with other people and still have the satisfaction of finding and buying something awesome. The store-front has been created, but I have yet to list any items. Keep checking back, though, because I feel I'm getting closer and closer to actually listing things.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

play the tambourine

sunrise over work

After fiddling with the bluetooth on my phone I finally figured out how to transfer photos to my computer. This panorama was actually an option on my phone camera. Not the greatest quality, I know, but I was so surprised to see the sun when I went on my break at 7am this morning I had to share. To see it larger, simply click on the image!
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