Saturday, June 14, 2008

Never gonna give you up

Oh my gosh I feel like I never have time to do anything anymore. I went to a wedding a couple weeks ago. It was for the sister of two of my former roommates. I wanted to bring my camera and practice taking the photojournalism-style photos to see if I liked doing that but about a half hour into my drive I realized not only that I'd forgotten it, but if I went back to get it I would have lost an hour and been just on time for it. But I guess it worked out in the end. I adopted Jen's camera for the day and got to take a lot of photos anyhow. It was a good wedding and we got pretty crazy at the reception.

I do ♥ the Grahams.

Both photos ganked from two different facebook albums.

1 comment:

Jen S. said...

And we heart you as well! Thanks for the pics, they're lovely...

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