Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tweetle Beetles

Cat in the Hat

Last night, the English department from my alma mater put on a night of Dr. Suess readings at a local cafe. I got there as Prof Johnson was reading the Cat in the Hat, complete with Dr. Belcher as Thing 1! It was so cute and fun.

Howie - Fox in Socks

One of the guys I live with, who is also a professor, read Fox in Socks. He was completely amazing. Of course. It was fun feeling apart of that community again but in the end, it was also nice being able to go home, away from it all.


Jen S. said...

oh how i wish i wish so bad that i could have been there for that...

meesa4ever said...

howie reading dr. suess with his boston accent, that is amazing!

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