Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fairs & festivals

and a goat?

The past two weekends I visited my parents house we visited a couple fairs and festivals. The first was the 7-Mile Fair in Wisconsin last week. I didn't take any photos of any of the booths, but there was a random petting zoo so I couldn't resist.

llama at the 7 mile fair?

I felt a little bad for them. Their accommodations weren't the most spacious.

Lincolnshire Art Festival

Today my mom and I moseyed over to the Lincolnshire annual art festival. There were a lot of great booths. Some were a litle blah and there were a LOT of beaded jewelry people, but on the whole, a good experience. It really made me miss going to art shows and museums and I think that's something I want to make a bigger priority (other than getting a move on my own artwork).

Lincolnshire Art Festival

This guy did some really amazing paper cut art. Here, he is demonstrating his folded paper mosaic technique. If I had money, I probably would have bought like everything in his booth. I'm not kidding.

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