Friday, May 16, 2008

it was all yellow

old snow white poster

Ok, I don't know what the deal with color-themed posts is but I am kind of enjoying it.
This is something I did a while ago and mentioned in my private blog. I wanted to get a better photo of it and post it I did! I had an old Snow White poster that I wanted to keep but didn't particularly want the giant, somewhat stained and discolored thing up on my wall. So instead I got 4 cheapy clip frames from Hobby Lobby and cut out 4 abstract vignettes from the poster. It's a nice solution for something that I wanted to keep but was too gargantuan to have in its original state.


And what, you ask, do these leetle yellow flags indicate? Why, it marks the officious beginning of our street construction, that's what! For everyone who has ever been to my house, you will understand and appreciate just how exciting this event is. Our road is down to the DIRT in some spots and is impossible to drive down without something falling off of your car. After YEARS of being told our neighborhood was next, the time has finally arrived. OK, I know it's not something I've done but bear with me, this is exciting stuff.


j. said...

i need to visit your room to view all of these lovely things in person (that sounded mildly creepy)

hooray construction!

Jen S. said...

i am absolutely in love with your poster creation! it's just lovely. :)

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